Focus on business
As an entrepreneur, you will have to deal with more than just your core business: such as legislation, taxes, human resources and any and all related changes. Konings Maters will take any legal work out of your hands and offer you the structure and assurances needed to focus on your business.

Our services

Konings Maters

We ensure that entrepreneurs with small and medium-sized enterprises can focus on their business –Because many financial matters must be properly arranged. And that’s where we come in.

We provide all financial services. We’re a partner with expertise and experience in accountancy, tax advice, and payroll services, including employment law advice, pension advice, corporate insurance, organisational development, business acquisitions, and financing. We offer valuable advice, consult on your business operations and provide practical solutions for any problems you might encounter. We are a team of over a hundred colleagues working from our four offices in Nijmegen, Oss and Amsterdam.

A free and non-committal introductory meeting

We would be happy to tell you more about Konings Maters, but we’re also interested in finding out what drives you as an entrepreneur. Let’s discover how we can support you.

The best way to get to know us is through a personal meeting.


An overview of the benefits

We love overviews – makes sense, since our primary services are accountancy and tax advice, but we also like to make things as straightforward as possible for you.

  • Up-to-date knowledge, lots of experience, and in-house expertise.
  • Personal contact with your permanent advisor.
  • An honest and committed advisor, immersed in your company.
  • Good advice and practical solutions to help you solve problems quickly.
  • We have various areas of expertise at our fingertips.
  • You can focus on your business.