About Konings Maters

We started out as “The best accountant in Nijmegen” and quickly grew into a partner who offers you the ability to focus on your business. We’re a broad financial services provider with branches in Nijmegen, Oss and Amsterdam. This means that we’re a partner who will ensure that you’ll be able to do what you do best: business. We know what doing business entails, we know the entrepreneurs we work for, but also the problems and issues you as an entrepreneur are facing. Armed with this knowledge, we will always look for ways to support you.

We know what entrepreneurship is about

With a total capacity of over one hundred and twenty employees spread over three branches, we’re committed to entrepreneurs within the small and medium-sized business sector. We are aware that you have to deal with more than just your core business – think of things like legislation, taxes, human resources and any associated changes that have to be made. We take the work involved out of your hands and offer you the necessary order and security. Plus, with a critical and expert eye, we provide clarity about your financial situation and your business operations, supporting and advising you so that you can make the right decisions and have a clear view of the consequences.

You will not always get the advice from us that you want to hear or that you would expect, but rather the advice that you need to be able to achieve your personal and business goals. But even if you don’t have those goals clearly in mind, we can help you further. We’re a sincere partner who puts themselves in your shoes and works accurately; you will always know what you can expect from us.

A free and non-committal introductory meeting

We would be happy to tell you more about Konings Maters, but we’re also interested in finding out what drives you as an entrepreneur. Let’s discover how we can support you.

The best way to get to know us is through a personal meeting.

Focus on entrepreneurship