How is your company doing, and where do you want to go from here? How have you arranged your corporate and private affairs, both now and in the future? As an entrepreneur, you will benefit from an honest accountant who will assess your financial situation critically and expertly – a specialist who advises on how your business is organised and who limits the risks to you and your administration: setting everything up, taking care of it, and support;

How can we help?

Independent advice that’s useful, clearly explained and substantiated. And, importantly, advice that suits you, your company, and your industry.

You can rely on us for:

  • compiling financial statements;
  • income tax, corporate tax, and sales tax returns;
  • financial administration: setting everything up, taking care of it, and support;
  • interim reports: balance sheets and income statements;
  • budgets and forecasts;
  • financial analyses and interim overviews;
  • setting up a system of internal audits;
  • advice for management and organisation of financial administration;
  • statements: audit reports, auditor’s review opinions, compilation statements;
  • summary reports of findings and related advice;
  • financial control.

A free and non-committal introductory meeting

We would be happy to tell you more about Konings Maters, but we’re also interested in finding out what drives you as an entrepreneur. Let’s discover how we can support you.

The best way to get to know us is through a personal meeting.